Created as a place entirely dedicated to cocoa, La Chocolaterie is the new address for all cocoa addicts, fans of chocolate bars, and those nostalgic for hot chocolate.

This imaginary chocolate shop, a sort of “café/chocolaterie” or “cocoa lounge”, has just opened its doors on Rue de Chanzy in the 11th arrondissement. Between the restaurant Le Chardenoux and La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac. In fact, clients had long been asking for a cosy place where they could savour the chef’s pastries in total peace and quiet… With its large “guest table” and two sunny terraces, La Chocolaterie has everything it needs to welcome the sweet-tooth chocolate lover wanting to linger a while to enjoy the delicious wafting aromas of cocoa. Better still, with its vast choice of candy bars, chocolate bars and cakes to take home, this new address is also a treasure-trove for choc-addicts in a hurry.